Meet Our Team


Cappie Sportswear employs the best in the business.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals and craftsmen, who are committed to standards of both quality and excellence in everything we do. Meet Our Team of experts!

Cappie Sportswear - Chad Gray

Chad Gray


419-999-2277 office
419-236-1112 cell

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Cappie Sportswear - Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray

Owner/Promotional Products/Sales

419-999-2277 ext 1004
419-302-4341 cell

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Cappie Sportswear - Ashley Mavis

Ashley Mavis

Showroom Manager

419-999-2277 ext 1002

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Cappie Sportswear - Brittany Parrish

Brittany Parrish

Heat Press Manager

419-999-2277 ext 1010

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Cappie Sportswear - Aaron Garcia

Aaron Garcia

Screen Printing Manager

419-999-2277 ext 1009

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Cappie Sportswear - Adam Roney

Adam Roney

Screen Printing Master



Cappie Sportswear - Michaela Acheson

Michaela Acheson

Screen Printing



Cappie Sportswear - Nick Wright

Nick Wright

Embroidery Manager

419-999-2277 ext 1008

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Cappie Sportswear - Amber Schindler

Amber Schindler



Cappie Sportswear - Shawn Schimmoeller

Shawn Schimmoeller

Graphic Design

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Cappie Sportswear - Jason Sumner

Jason Sumner


419-999-2277 ext 1007
419-302-2394 cell

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Cappie Sportswear - Mel Nevergall

Mel Nevergall


419-999-2277 office
419-230-2265 cell

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Cappie Sportswear - Patty Lightfoot

Patty Lightfoot


419-999-2277 office

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Cappie Sportswear - Shane Roney

Shane Roney


419-999-2277 ext 1006

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